EMMANUELLE HELENA  has been in the hairdressing and beauty industry since 2000 and has owned and worked in many exclusive salons around Perth. Moving from the small town called Broome, north of Western Australia, Emmanuelle began her hairdressing career in Perth at the age of 18. She had always dreamed of following her passion to be involved within the hair and beauty industry.

In 2006 once completing her hairdressing qualifications Emmanuelle opened a boutique hair and beauty salon in Perth called Chilli Couture. Emmanuelle was the founder of Chilli Couture and as a young entrepreneur she ran the business successfully on her own for 5 years before joining with the current owner in 2011.  After a very successful partnership which saw the business Chilli Couture grow into the well known and much loved salon it is today.


After 10 years of  owning and managing the business with 15 full -time staff Emmanuelle decided to take a step back from Chilli Couture  and sold her business  to be able to venture out on her own giving her more time to concentrate mainly on her freelance work and one on one with her clientele. Moving her business into a smaller boutique luxury home studio allows Emmanuelle to work closely with all her clientele ensuring she provides premium quality and customer service. 


Specialising in hair extensions and eyelash extensions she keeps up to date with ongoing training in her industry. Having already studied many international hair extension courses providing her with different hair extensions techniques such as weaving, cornrows and braiding. Emmanuelle has created a loyal following of hair extension connoisseurs, traveling from all over Australia.










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