The Braided Weave – This method is actually the original technique of weave extensions. The braided weave process starts with secure flat cornrow braids that create a firm platform for the weft hair extensions to be attached. When done by a qualified hair extensions specialist the cornrow braids will sit flat to the head, safely and securely. There are no glues, metal links or tapes used so the hair in the braid is safe, secure and tucked away.


The weft hair extension comes in 2 methods - Hand tied wefts and machine made weft hair extensions.


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These customised hand made Clip In Hair Extensions are for those who do NOT want to commit to weave extensions and want a temporary option. All my clip in hair extensions are stitched by hand and customised for every individual using premium quality human hair.

All hair is colour matched to your natural hair and measured to fit you head. This will ensure the hair is a perfect blend.



The Crochet Braid Hair Extensions - consist of hair that is made from a synthetic fibre that imitates the look of natural hair that is then crocheted into your braided hair. Crochet braids are a great protective styling option for people wanting to keep their natural hair as it is. You can switch up your hair colour, length, texture, and style without compromising your natural curl pattern.


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Long beautiful hair is a sign of radiance, health and luxury. To maintain your hair extensions in premium condition just follow these simple steps and your hair will remain gorgeous and healthy.


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