Keratin Plus Gold - Smoothing Treatment


Keratin Plus Gold s a combination of botanical and organic extracts – almost 100% – mixed in a perfect balance. This mix gets rid of curly, frizz, voluminous hair, gets excellent results and nourishes and strengthens the hair fibres. It guarantees shine, softness and visibly healthy hair. Recommended for all hair types.             

Keratin Plus Gold Treatment

Specific treatment to smooth and reduce the volume of curly and frizzy hair. KERATIN PLUS GOLD uses blends of organic acids, sugars, amino acids, cellulose derivatives and plant proteins to modify the hair fibre and leave it smooth and stable for long periods of time with an impressive reduction in volume and without damaging the keratin disulphide bonds. It also reduces hair water absorption, protecting it from humidity, salt water and rain. The product contains no allergens, formaldehyde or other harmful aldehydes. Volume reduction is exceptional and hair is left bright, easy to comb and ever so soft to the touch.


KERATIN GOLD PLUS TREATMENT is particularly recommended for Afro-type, frizzy or natural hair.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Organic acids, hydrolysed wheat protein and surfactants derived from olive oil. 

Keratin Plus Gold Shampoo

A basic pH shampoo enriched with Aloe Vera and coffee extracts, to be used exclusively as the first step in the JEAN PAUL MYNÈ KERATIN PLUS GOLD hair volume reduction and smoothing treatment. The product contains no SLS, SLES, allergens, parabens or salt. This shampoo is part of a process that is able to transform curly and frizzy hair into smooth, soft, shiny hair, even after a great many washes. The special SHAMPOO formula contains gentle surfactants deriving from olive oil and coconut oil and cleanses hair deep-down, preparing the cuticles to receive the subsequent treatment. The extracts of Aloe Vera and coffee help prevent the onset of dandruff and strengthen the hair.


The SHAMPOO (step 1), together with the KERATIN PLUS GOLD TREATMENT (step 2), is part of an exclusive new procedure designed by the JEAN PAUL MYNÈ laboratories, able to leave hair smooth, soft and shiny with a reduced capacity to absorb water, even after a great many washes.


MAIN INGREDIENTS: Contains a precious complex of plant extracts that allows to get your hair ready for the treatment.

Pricing Keratin Plus Gold Treatment

(All full head treatments receive a travel size aftercare pack of shampoo/conditioner)

  • Keratin Gold Smoothing Treatment - Full Head (Medium-Long) - $360 

  • Keratin Gold Smoothing Treatment - Full Head (Short) -  $ 295

  • Extra Product (if needed)- $50 

  • Keratin Gold Smoothing Treatment - Fringe & Sides - $200

  • Keratin Gold Smoothing Treatment - Fringe Only - $100


  • How long will the Keratin Smoothing last in my hair?

Keratin Smoothing treatment will last from 6-8 months depending on if you use the recommended aftercare products for your hair.

  • Do I need to use straightening irons on my hair for it to stay straight?

Yes you will still need to use a blow dryer and straightening irons as the Keratin Smoothing is NOT a CHEMICAL STRAIGHTENING. A Keratin Smoothing treatment will reduce frizz, curl and make to the hair softer and easier and quicker to blow dry.

  • Will washing my hair too often affect the treatment.

As long as you are using the Keratin aftercare shampoo and conditioner you will be able to prolong the life of your smoothing treatment.

  • Will the Keratin Smoothing remove all my curl?

No the Keratin Smoothing will not remove all your curl. It will remove frizz, and tame your natural curl. It will make your blow drying easier. If you leave the hair to dry natural the hair will have a slight wave with no frizz.


  • Can I just smooth out my hairline frizz without doing the entire head?

Yes the Keratin Smoothing can be done on selected areas. ie Fringe, Hairline, Sides. Having this treatment on frizzy hairlines will allow you to tie your hair back without the frizzy sides poking out.



Jean Paul Mynè Certifications

  • Absence of formaldehyde

    Absence of formaldehyde (less than 0.005%) in the Jean Paul Mynè ® products EVOLUTION PRO Treatment – Step 2 and KERATIN PLUS GOLD Treatment – Step 2. Tests carried out in specialized laboratories have demonstrated the absence of formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde in the products of the line EVOLUTION PRO. 

  • No irritation to THE SKIN

    Tests carried out by the Centre of Cosmetology of the University of Ferrara have shown that the treatment EVOLUTION PRO and KERATIN PLUS GOLD are not irritant for the skin (open patch test). 

  • No formaldehyde vapours during the straightener at 230°C

    Tests performed during the pass of the straightener on the hair treated with EVOLUTION PRO – Treatment (Step 2), have demonstrated that in the air breathed by the hairdresser and the customer, is free of formaldehyde.

  • Absence of formaldehyde emissions by glyoxylic acid.

    Laboratory tests have shown that glyoxylic acid heated at 230°C doesn’t emit formaldehyde or other aldehydes.