Braided Weave Extensions vs Micro-link/ Metal Beaded Weave Extensions.

Most people assume that weaves are mostly worn by certain races, but in reality every nationality can wear weaves. Weaves are for anyone who loves all that extra hair and the convenience of changing their hair style. The weave is becoming one of the most popular style of hair extensions as it allows shorter hair to grow out and can easily give you that extra volume your natural hair just doesn't have.

There are 2 techniques of installing the weave, the first is the original Braided Weave and second is the recently new technique of Micro-link/ Metal Beaded weave.

When deciding on which technique is best for you the most important thing is to ensure you are having your hair installed by a qualified hair extensions stylist. If either of these techniques are applied incorrectly you could suffer from damaged hair or bald patches. The placement, the tension applied, the correct installation and stitching is extremely important.

There are pros and cons for both techniques. However over the years working with both the braided weave and the micro-link weave, I have decided as a hair extensions specialist the best technique for my clientele is the braided weave. The main reason I choose the braided weave is that the way I install this technique I can guarantee that your natural hair will be safe, secure, protected and will definitely grow without causing any damage to the natural hair. The cornrow braid that I install sits flat to the head and safely distributes the weight of the weave hair to ensure a protected install.

[Image above: Left: Braided Weave. Right: Microlink Weave]

So what does the Braided Weave technique invlove?

This method is actually the original technique of weave extensions and has been done for many years. The braided weave process starts with secure flat cornrow braids that create a firm platform for the weft hair extensions to be attached. When done by a qualified hair extensions specialist the cornrow braids will sit flat to the head, safely and securely. There are no glues, metal links or tapes used so the hair in the braid is safe, secure and tucked away. This method is a very technical and difficult application that needs to be sewn in by a professional. This type of hair extension is popular because it’s the most permanent and seamless, as the hair is literally sewn into your own hair that has been cornrowed and cannot come off.

And what does the Microlink Weave technique involve?

Micro-link hair extensions are sometimes referred to as the Beaded row or Micro bead weft hair extensions. The reason for its name is due to using many single metal beads that are clamped onto the natural hair to create a bridged beaded row. Then the weft hair extensions can be attached to the micro-links with thread or using the bead only creating that seamless transition of hair extensions mixed with your natural hair. This technique was created to mimic the original braided weave without the need off a cornrow braid. When done correctly this technique will grow out safely.

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