The benefits of wearing customised, hand-made clip in hair extensions!

Updated: May 14, 2021

If you don't want to commit to permanent hair extensions and want something temporary, these customised hand made Clip In Hair Extensions are for those who do NOT want the commitment. All my clip in hair extensions are stitched by hand and customised for every individual using premium quality human hair. All hair is colour matched to your natural hair and measured to fit your head. This will ensure the hair is a perfect blend. Most common machine made clip-in hair extensions come in multiple little pieces, that will vary in many different widths and can be very time consuming to apply correctly. Investing in customised, hand-made clip in extensions are superior in quality as your clip ins are customised individually for you. I measure the size of your head and create 2 or 3 secure full strips of hair extensions that have been hand stitched and are easy for you to apply yourself.

You don't have to worry about lots of little random pieces that may slip out. These extensions can be clipped in and out of your hair in a matter of minutes and are practically invisible. You can simply remove the weft and easily clip it to your hair without any additional cost, time or professional help. Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest, fastest and safest way to get long, thick hair in just a few minutes.

Did you know all my customised Clip In Hair Extensions can be turned into weave extensions? The hair I use to make your clip-ins is premium quality hair and can be stitched into the natural hair for everyday wear.

Clip In Hair Extensions. ▪︎Customised for each person ▪︎Hand-made ▪︎Easy to use ▪︎Minimal commitment ▪︎Premium quality hair

1: No Commitment

Clip-in hair extensions are temporary. Clip-in human hair extensions are easy to install into your hair, which means you can change your hairstyle and appearance at any time. It can be worn on any time, for special occasions, giving you extra volume and length instantly. If you don't like it, you can remove them yourself easily.

2: Multi-style

Clip in hair extensions come in a variety of hair colors, hair types, and thickness. You can choose your favorite clip hair extensions according to color, black hair extensions, brown hair extensions, blonde clip-in extensions, and red clip-in extensions. There are always clip in hair extensions that are right for you. These different colour clip in hair extensions bring you different changes and enhance your appearance of your natural hair.

3: Low Maintenance

Remy clip in hair extensions is low maintenance hair extensions. Because it is simple to install and can be installed or removed at home, there is no need to ask a professional hairstylist for easy operation. Since the best clip in hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, daily maintenance is just like maintaining your own hair, no extra care is needed.

Advantage 4: Little Damage

The clip-in hair extension consists of multiple pieces. You can determine the weight of the clip-on hair extension according to your hair volume, and you can remove it at any time. Therefore, it will not cause excessive stress on your hair, which will cause your hair to be thin or damaged, so don't worry.

5: Safe And Natural

One of the main factors to consider when wearing hair extensions is whether it will affect your natural hair quality, safety, and potential damage to your hair? clip-in extensions are currently one of the simplest and safest hair extension types. It uses clips to install hair extensions and does not require any adhesives, glues and other chemical products and heating tools to install. This is very safe for your hair and will not cause damage to your natural hair.

6: Comfortable To Wear

Selecting a hair extension not only requires it to look natural but also comfortable wearing is an important factor to consider. Best clip in hair extensions is easy to use and can blend perfectly with your natural hair to make your appearance look natural.

7: Suitable For Special Events

Clip in hair extensions is the most effective and easiest way to change your hairstyle. Hair extensions are suitable for almost any occasion, whether you are attending a wedding, first date, class reunion or going on vacation, clip in hair extensions will make your hair look very different and make your hair look healthy and full. The benefits of hair extensions are not limited to updos. Use clip-in extensions to increase the volume and length of curly hair and braids to provide you with the princess hair you always wanted.

8: Increase Confidence

Everyone knows the destructive power of bad hair, but wearing clip-in extensions can fix any problems and make sure the hair is flawless. Clip-in hair extensions will give you full, thick hair that will give you the confidence you need to be yourself.

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