The Braided Weave Hair Extensions!

Updated: May 15, 2021

The Braided Weave – This method is actually the original technique of weave extensions. The braided weave process starts with secure flat cornrow braids that create a firm platform for the weft hair extensions to be attached. When done by a qualified hair extensions specialist the cornrow braids will sit flat to the head, safely and securely. There are no glues, metal links or tapes used so the hair in the braid is safe, secure and tucked away.

The weft hair extension comes in 2 methods - Hand tied wefts and machine made weft hair extensions.

SLAVIC HAND-TIED WEFTS - Premium Hand-tied Weft Extensions are made from premium quality Slavic hair with a life span of 1.5 - 2 years when looked after correctly. These wefts are sewn together by hand , making the weft portion of the hair much thinner and sitting flatter than machine stitched wefts. When installed to the natural hair, Hand-tied Wefts lay flat against your scalp to provide a very lightweight feel and natural look. Hand tied wefts consists of 3 wefts in a bundle, which are 11 inches wide each. The wefts do not need to be cut as they are already in the small width size, which makes the installation easier.

REMI MACHINE MADE STITCHED WEFTS - This hair is premium quality REMI hair extensions that are extremely soft, silky and healthy hair. The machine weft hair extensions are stitched together by machine and come in long strips that are meters long. The width of the hair extensions are cut and measured to each individual head size. Then attached by stitching special colour blending thread onto the braided row. These wefts are not as flat as the Hand tied wefts, however they have the ability to be cut and customised to each individuals head size.

The weave is becoming one of the most popular styles of hair extension as it allows shorter hair to grow. The quality of the hair will determine how long the hair can last. Besides its lifespan, its quality also play a role in its overall appearance, whether it will look and feel natural or not. The hair extensions texture, colour and feel of the hair varies when it comes to Slavic, Russian, South American and Indian hair. The quality of the hair has nothing to do with the nationality of the hair as I only use Premium quality hair in every bundle.

I use Slavic/ Russian hair for my blonde clientele as the hair extensions are normally a natural blonde. So its easier to color and match the tone to my blonde hair clients.

If my clients are naturally darker I tend to use Premium quality South American hair.

If my clients want curly hair I tend to use Premium quality Indian curly hair.

All my hair extensions are selected and based on each individual clients hair texture & needs. Therefore depending on your natural hair type and texture this will determine what nationality of hair will be used for you.

  • 100% Premium Remy Human Hair

  • Different textures of hair to choose from

  • Choice of premium quality Slavic, Russian, South American or Indian Hair available

  • Russian Hair available by request (extra cost will incur)

  • Hand tied / Machine made wefts

  • Re-usable

  • 12 months - 1 year guarantee ( South American and Indian hair ) * as long as no colour work on hair

  • 1-3 years lifespan (Slavic / Russian Hair)

  • Wide colour collection

  • Weaves stay in the hair up to 6 -8 weeks. Must be re tightened

  • Must maintain with salon aftercare products

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