The reasons why you should invest in premium quality human hair extensions.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The weft hair extensions I use lasts longer than many weft hair extensions on the market. Why?

Well I source my hair from premium suppliers that only stock the best hair. I go straight to the manufactures who make the hair extensions and choose the hair that is of the highest grade. I do NOT waste my time with hair that will end up feeling dry, knotted or cheap quality. I always provide a thorough inspection of all my hair extensions to ensure you are wearing the best hair available. Every piece of extension hair I use is of premium quality human hair, looks healthy and feels soft and silky.

Yes it does cost a little more as an upfront cost. However this investment is worth it. This means your hair will look more natural, stay softer, silkier , can be coloured and last you over 1-2 years. Sometimes longer and people will think it's all your own natural hair. Definitley Worth it !!!

When wearing any type of hair extensions you need to ensure you have the correct amount of hair. If this is not customised to your individual needs the hair extensions can look thin and whispy and cheap. ( Ladies NO ONE wants to see that!!)

The weft hair is sourced from all over the world and I only stock premium Remi hair. This means the hair cuticle is intact and laying in it’s natural direction. My goal is to provide you with the best quality hair to ensure longevity and the best possible experience in mimicking natural long hair.

All the hair I use can be treated exactly like your own natural hair, because it is human hair. It can be coloured, heat styled, washed and left to dry in its natural shape. ( * make sure the roots of the weave are always dry. ONLY ENDs can be left to dry natural. Also note that darker , unprocessed colours will normally last longer than highly lightened hair.

I use two methods of weft hair extensions. The beautiful hand tied wefts and premium machine stitched weft hair.

Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions are made by hand. They are much thinner and lay flatter against the scalp than normal Wefts. Hand tied wefts last longer, have minimal shedding and sit flatter to your head when wearing weave extensions.

Machine Stitched Weft Extensions are still a premium quality hair extension however the production is a lot quicker using machines to stitch the hair together, can sometime shed and are therefore cheaper compared to the hand tied method.

The are many different nationalities of hair and the texture and quality can vary. In my salon I stock European/Russian/ Slavic hair, South American hair and Indian hair. The hair quality of the hair will determine how long the hair can last. Besides its lifespan, its quality also play a role in its overall appearance, whether it will look and feel natural or not. Each type of hair is selected based on each individual clients hair texture & needs.

The Hair Types I use :

* Russian/ Slavic/ European Hair Weave Extensions can last 3-4 years if looked after correctly. This hair is mainly used for my lighter hair clients as the hair extensions can be bleached and lightened with minimal damage therefore lasting longer.

* South American Weave Extensions & * Indian Weave Extensions

This premium quality South American & Indian hair is soft, silky and shiny. They are both quality Remi hair that does not matte or tangle. The hair comes in many different textures so finding the correct match to your own hair is possible. If you are wearing wavy or curly extensions and decide that you want straight hair for a change, this hair's amazing durability allows you to use a flatiron and other tools to straighten it just like your own hair. Once it is washed it will return back to the natural curl.

I do not recommend using blonde South American hair and Indian hair as it has had to go through so much processing to get it from dark brown to a light blonde and can dry out the hair.

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